About Us

Designed With Passion.

After years of working with exotic woods, I was captivated by the various species.  I realize that certain species of wood was used for specific purposes.  Then I started looking at texture and color which lead me to designing and creating pieces for different parts of the home. That being said, I began formulating different patterns, using an array of shapes and colors that brings out the essence of the wood.

My artistic approach is to create pieces that amplify the mystery and beauty of nature.  Depending on the piece, I would even embrace materials with its imperfection and turn it into a magnificent work of art, bringing alive the “WOW” factor.

 I feel truly blessed that through my work, the artistic aspect of one of a kind handcrafted pieces can often ignite a conversation.  It brings me so much joy to be able to share this great phenomenon through my artistic interpretation. 

Philip P. Harding - Founder